Case Studies

  • 1678 Volume Conservation

    Rebacking with raised bands

    1678 Volume Conservation
  • Bank Ledger Restoration

    Complete repair and rebind of a Ledger

    Bank Ledger Restoration
  • Boys Own Annual major repair

    Paper repair and re-backing a very damaged volume

    Boys Own Annual major repair
  • Cloth covered binding repair

    Rebacked cloth covered binding

    Cloth covered binding repair
  • Half bound calf volume set

    Repaired and rebound volumes

    Half bound calf volume set
  • Large Volume Rebinding

    Rebinding with raised bands

    Large Volume Rebinding
  • Leather Volume Reback

    Rebacking and dying down leather

    Leather Volume Reback
  • Masonic Book repair

    Spine reback, lettering and tooling

    Masonic Book repair
  • Moote Book Rebinding

    Rebinding of a book in calf

    Moote Book Rebinding
  • Report Rebinding

    Restoration and rebinding of a report

    Report Rebinding
  • Small Book Repair & enclosures

    Flap case & box for a small book

    Small Book Repair & enclosures
  • Antiquarian Horology Volumes

    Rebound Journals in half bound leather

    Antiquarian Horology Volumes